Fireplace Mantel – Some Important Decorating Ideas
Mantel display

Fireplace Mantel – Some Important Decorating Ideas

The fireplace mantels can be considered as a focal point in the rooms where they are present in your Sanctuary at Highland. You should learn how you can make the best use of these ideas for decorating fireplace mantel. Similar to any display, mantel display requires a specific amount of proportion and balance. Items should not be placed randomly. Regardless of what is being put on the mantel, following tips should be kept in your mind.

You should make use of items that have various sizes and shapes. Begin with the items that are taller and put them at back, using smaller ones as you keep moving forward.
It is not a bad practice for you to layer different items ahead of one another. It is a wonderful idea as it can create depth. Keep in mind that it’s not just some photograph, and no one would be having a look at it straight away. Items placed at the back should be overlapped with items placed in the foreground.
In case if you love symmetry, then it is advisable that you should put something large in the middle, like the flowers’ bowl, and flank every side with the matching items.
When you are using more than one items, make sure that odd numbers are used. For example, you should not use two candlesticks and instead go for 3, or 5 bud vases rather than 4. It is true for everything that is concerned with decoration: when you’re grouping, odds are always better compared to evens.
To create the more formal look, you can anchor your mantel with different matching items at either side.
You should try that the items’ assortment being used is not fully random. Better go for items that complement one another through their color, theme or style. There should be some connection between objects in one way or the other.
Balance does not mean matching. You can use a visually heavy object on one side for balancing multiple lightweight objects on another side.
For creating a real focus to some piece, a larger object should be placed in the center.
Remember that you do not have to overcrowd things! Do not put a large number of items on mantel making it look crowded or cluttered. Breathing space should be given to the items, or they will just be lost somewhere in all that mess around them.
Some of the above-mentioned ideas about the fireplace mantel, especially the ones that have to deal with proportion and balance may seem confusing. However, that’s not the case in real. If something looks odd, you will get that impression just by having a look at it. Keep on with different experiments till you can create something pleasing.