Creating a Functional and Pretty Display for Your Coffee Table
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Creating a Functional and Pretty Display for Your Coffee Table

Being the large, prominent surface in most of the living rooms, coffee tables should seem good and must serve the purpose they are made for as well. If you have a coffee table at your Sanctuary at Highland, you would wish to get it accessorized using some items that seem wonderful and compliment your room’s style. However, it won’t be desirable for you to make it overcrowded resulting in obstructing the view. Some tips are given here that you can implement for showcasing your coffee table and making most of its function, style and form.

Similar to any other display, right balance of texture, proportion and style has to be found. Mostly people face the problem with the composition element. It may not be related too much with individual items that are placed on the table, but it’s how they’ll work together. There should be some relation between these items no matter whether it is through a theme, style or color.

Balance in the display is an important element. Anything huge which can overwhelm the entire surface is not desirable, and similarly, you would not like something that is too small just to get lost in between everything else. More importantly, you should not use something that is too high. Though it is always a good idea to use different heights of objects, ensure that nothing gets too high to obstruct someone’s view when they are sitting around this coffee table.

Flowers, books, and some decoration piece can usually be found on the coffee table. You can simply put them to use here. You can hardly go wrong when you use such classics.

A big bowl containing flowers can be wonderful for your coffee table. It should be placed off-center and should then be balanced on other side using 3-5 books along with some decorative piece.

Books can also be used as the pedestals. In case you have something that is intended to be displayed but feels very small, it can be placed atop some boxes’ stack. It will add height, and if there is a sculptural object, it’ll make the good contrast with streamlined books.

Mixing things up is always a nice idea. Take a look at different objects for the shape, color, texture, and size they have and try your best to mix them up and create a pleasing effect. To create visual interest, you can pair straight items with the curved ones, dull with shiny, smooth with textured, and soft with hard. But you should keep in mind that these items should still have some relation with one another.

You should look to include something that is unusual or interesting. Make sure that you have one such item at least. It can be your favorite statue, decorative box, the clear bowl containing some seashells, or even a vase.